Holistic Health Consultation

Initial Consultation / 90 minutes $125

Every person is born with a unique constitutional makeup. I offer you a detailed holistic health plan for your individual constitution and imbalances.

During your initial visit I will review your total health taking into consideration your age, diet, exercise, family history, stress levels, workplace, and environment. Discussion on your primary health concerns and individual goals will be addressed. I will then formulate a unique and specific lifestyle and diet plan to encourage the prevention of disease and maintenance of good health.

Your individualized health plan will include lists of the ideal foods for you to be eating, guidance on how to eat seasonally, instruction for maintaining a nutrient dense diet, various recipes and cooking tips designed for you and your schedule, as well as which herbs, aromatherapy, yoga asanas, breathing exercises, specific types of meditation and sleep patterns that will most benefit you. This will help to correct any current imbalances in order to restore you to your ideal state of wellness.

Follow Up Appointment / 45 minutes $85

Most people require between 3-5 follow up appointments depending on their specific nutritional goals and individual progress. In these follow up appointments I will discuss ways for you to stay on track with new eating habits and how to implement healing through the five senses into your daily lifestyle one step at a time. Additional seasonal recipes will also be provided.


Aromatherapy Consultation

40 minutes $100

Aromatherapy is a gentle, holistic form of therapy that involves the use of volatile plant materials known as essential oils. Aromatherapy can address and support physical, emotional, and psychological concerns and be utilized for a wide range of functions. Some common uses of aromatherapy include:

  • To improve and uplift mood

  • Stress relief

  • Help eliminate feelings of anxiety and depression

  • Increase energy levels

  • Help with sleep regulation

  • Reduce headaches

  • Improve digestion

  • Strengthen immune system

  • Heal skin irritations

  • Pain relief

Before your consultation you will be asked to complete a detailed health history form which I will review prior to us meeting. At your appointment I will discuss your goals and concerns then explore several essential oils to connect you with the aroma blend and delivery method that is most suited for you. Potential aromatherapy products include massage oils, creams, lotions, salt scrubs, bath soaks, gels, therapeutic salves, synergies, spritzers, and inhalers. I hand craft the product(s) for you generally within one week after the consultation and either personally deliver or mail them to you.